f an extraordinary failure in promotion, but the name demigod is still attractive, because as long as you successfully take that step, you can gain divinity. The nature of life has changed, and both lifespan and abilities will be completely beyond the scope of human beings. In the

steam and sail hybrid passenger ship, Klein gave up the 西安夜生活论坛 manipulation of the red-headed sea eagle and let it fall in a place where no one can see it. The sea has become food for fish.

At this moment, the passengers on the passenger ship are very tense, because the Black Emperor is about to approach.

In fact, this is what will happen in the previous few minutes, but I don’t know why, Black The Emperor ignored the passenger ship and went straight forward, but the passenger ship did not take the opportunity to get rid of it. Instead, it circled the Black Emperor and kept a distance of several hundred meters. After

this weird situation was maintained for a while, it finally ended. A few tens of meters. The

Black Emperor crossed the passenger ship from the side and sailed into the night of wind and rain. The

passengers and crew were staring at it, and it took 新西安夜网 several minutes to realize a fact:

The Black Emperor is gone! It did not try to plunder!

Some passengers cheered, some burst into tears, some collapsed weakly and relaxed themselves. Only a few people remained awake, full of doubts about what happened just now, but they couldn’t come up with an answer that fits all the situations. Consolingly said:

The’Black Emperor’ should have completed a plunder. 西安耍耍网 This is a passenger ship and not a freighter, so the other party did not look at it! When the

feeling of fortunately permeated the entire ship, Dawn Dantes looked like Klein. He turned his gaze to the north.

Compared with Nast, the king of the Five Seas who had only seen Roselle a few sides, another one who knew the great emperor more:

Queen Mystic Bernadette!

This is the same as Nast The 西安夜网论坛 lady who is the king of pirates often haunts Backlund recently! Wh