ately turned around. When thinking about whether to add another labor force to the mine below, his face changed in shock, his hands trembled, and the meat chops in his hands fell to the ground instantly.

Trembling, trembling.

“Liu…Master Ryuge?!”

Looking at the girl in the silver robe that 西安夜生活网 appeared in front of him, the warden Benjamin’s legs softened instantly, and he fell out of the chair. The huge body wriggled like a fleshy worm.

“Or I should throw you off here, let you experience this so-called game yourself.” The girl Liu Ge walked in slowly.

Benjamin didn’t dare to lift his head at this time, only his body was trembling constantly, “Master Luge, I’m just, I’m just me, I don’t dare anymore, I don’t dare anymore!”

“Nothing.” The girl Liuge walked over. Before the mirror, I glanced at the mine below, and then looked up at the top of the mine, “After all, the profit of this mine has always been very good.” In

the darkness, Ruoyoruowu land seems to exist. Darker shadows, round shadows.

“! I have been urging the prisoners here, absolutely nose to the grindstone” Benjamin hurriedly 西安耍耍网 said: “His Majesty the amount requested, I completed a month ahead of all of this that you rest assured that I will definitely not lazy!”

The girl ryuka There was a slight hum.

Benjamin swallowed at this time and raised his head tentatively, only to see the girl Liuge looking down at him at this time, so he quickly lowered his head and asked with a trembling, “Master Liuge, I don’t know why this time I came here. ? ”

” waiting for a man. ”

” Wait who? “Benjamin Pope lengleleng, slightly puzzled and looked up.

the girl ryuka was not watching him, but quite interested to see the bottom of the mine, chuckled and said:.” Longgang organization ”

!?” What “Benjamin Warden Suddenly turned into a shock.

Organization He obviously knows something to tell the truth, there are some organized felons in the underground mine of the underwater city prison.

But within the Royal Government, they would not d