be fine, maybe they just found something.”

The two deacons were naturally headed by the Lord of the Thunder Tower, and at this time they nodded directly, their expressions were also much quieter.

The two deacons have been in power for a relatively short time, and they were only promoted after the war a hundred years ago. For the war a hundred years ago, it was only from the internal library of the headquarters of the association. It is rare to see some records of that year. Opportunity, I couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“I have read some documents, Lord Thunder Tower. According to the content recorded above, it is shown that it is more 西安耍耍网 terrifying than the devil. Where is the terror? Why did you suffer the entire crusade?”

“Aris’ previous offender, Do you know that too?” The Thunder Tower master said after a moment of silence.

Naturally, I know, even clearly, because this was the first two days, that even since they joined the association and became a deacon, they have encountered the most terrifying disaster.

The Thunder Tower Master sighed and said: “At the beginning, Aris was still the first tower owner of the Association. He 西安夜生活第一论坛网 was embraced by everyone, but he didn’t know when he started. After Aris came into contact, he changed. He not only quietly Doing many taboo experiments, even in order to get enough souls as a bargaining chip to trade with, even hesitate to provoke a war between nations in this world to the end, and even his wife and daughter were not satisfied. “The soul of “also 西安夜生活网 intends to offer “The

two deacons were in a cold sweat at the moment.

The Thunder Tower’s master was disappointed. “In fact, it’s not just Aris, but some of us are also secretly conducting transactions. Can you imagine that when a country, all its management institutions, from top to bottom? Corruption has become an activity that accompanies the flow of blood in every department of the country. What will happen to this country when it is the default activity?”

“The country is not far from extinct