per 西安夜生活论坛 large new steelmaking plant?

As Salian said, he entered the Imperial Army at the age of thirteen. He started from the lowest rank and spent more than 20 years in the army. He was promoted to lieutenant general by relying on solid military merits!

He is very sensitive to weapons.

He was full of resentment for the current hot weapons in Medland, even the latest flintlock rifles.


As one of the core royal family members of the Durham Empire, Salian knows some “historical facts” that ordinary people simply cannot know-before the Medland Glory Calendar, the mainland of Medland had a more glorious civilized era.

Including those huge puppets, those combat airships, and even the steam engines commonly used in the mainland of Medland… are actually the legacy of the ancient civilization.

The 新西安夜网 current military level of the Medland Continent is far inferior to the legendary ancient civilization.

So Joe yelled in the vault, Salian’s ears trembled, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated several times. He stomped fiercely, leaving a footprint as deep as a foot on the hard ground, and turned around. I tore the safety door from the door frame.

Throwing the thick door of the safe vault out of the way, 西安桑拿网 Sallian dashed into the vault, and then he saw the one ten feet long, three feet wide, and six feet tall in front of Joe…thick. A pile of drawings.

“Let go of your paws!” Sallian yelled.

The terrifying strength of the extraordinary sixth-order erupted, and an invisible pressure was crushed on Qiao’s body. Qiao was tightly wrapped in the invisible great power, and he could not help but regress 西安夜网论坛backwards. He slammed heavily into the wall of the vault made of welded alloy plates, and involuntarily spread out into a’big’ shape.

The tsunami-like potential was tumbling, and Joe’s eyes widened, panting hard, almost popping out of his eye sockets.

“Look at your clumsy appearance…” Salian glared at Joe fiercely. As soon as the terrible pressure on his body was relieved, Joe whispered and whispered