ly turned on the ice shield to resist. After cutting the three ice shields, the wind blade finally turned into a wind element floating in the 新西安夜网 air in front of me, and Captain McIntosh let out a gentle breath.

But when I wanted to aim at the wind snake again, the wind snake opened its mouth again and sprayed a green venom at me

at me. I was also stupid looking at the cloud of venom that was flying in the sky. Got an eye.

Even though I have an ice shield, I can’t stop all the venom! The venom will spread to some soldiers 西安桑拿网 on the deck near the captain’s cabin. At this time, it is too late to condense the ice wall.

“Giga, Frost Archery!” Moraya’s voice came from me Behind her, the fragrance of her body has drifted into my nose.

I did not hesitate to condense a half-meter-long ice bolt in half a second. Obviously, there is no magic power to catalyze the blessing state. I can only condense the first half of the ice bolt, but according to Heidi, for the first level As far as magicians are concerned, few people can release Frostbolt.

At this time, I faintly heard the sound of Moraya reciting a mantra behind me. She was surrounded by dense tree essence and wood elements. Just when the venom was falling, Moraya’s body’s wood mana Suddenly spreading in the magic pattern, a pentagonal maple leaf about three meters in diameter appeared 西安夜网论坛 on top of my head, blocking the venom without any leakage.

And my ice arrow hit the wind snake with a white light, and the wind snake burst into a mist of ice, wrapped in a layer of white ice, but the fleshy wings on the body were still flapping hard, the body Floating in the air, failed to fall down.

An emerald green flying spear flew out from behind me and turned into a green light entwined 西安夜生活网 around the wind snake. Numerous thorn trees and vines entangled the wind snake in the air, and the wind snake finally could not stay in the air. He fell embarrassedly on the deck in front of the captain’s cabin, struggling constantly.

I propped on the fence of the captain’s r