n 新西安夜网 It seemed that I didn’t hear it, just whispered the scattered words softly, just like singing.

“Solomon was born on Monday, was baptized on Tuesday, married on Wednesday, fell ill on Thursday, became seriously ill on Friday, died on Saturday, and was buried on Sunday. This is Solomon’s end, this is Solomon’s end.”

Like a dream Generally, as if forcing herself to remember, Mary muttered and repeated, over and over again: “Solomon was born on 西安桑拿网 Monday, baptized on Tuesday, baptized on Tuesday, baptized on Tuesday, baptized, baptized, baptized”

In the vague voice, Christine straightened his broken arm blankly, reinserted it into the armor, and then put on the upper armor for himself again.

The effective period of tranquilizers is getting shorter and shorter.

From the first day and night, to now, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 it can only last for a few dozen minutes. Kristen knows well: Without treatment and exchange of blood, Mary will completely collapse under the torment of cursed blood and transform into that bloodthirsty monster.

Time is running out.

“Your Majesty, don’t be afraid.”

She endured the pain and raised her broken arm to stroke the long hair that fell from her shoulders:

“I will protect you, for sure.”

But in the dead silence, 西安夜网论坛 the melody that has been entangled for days. It sounded from afar again.

Gradually approaching.

That is the Requiem

“No. 6 Requiem”

will only be played at the funeral of the musicians. The solemn melody of wishing the souls of the deceased to rise into the great source at this moment looks so gloomy and hideous.

Countless ashes flew 西安夜生活第一论坛网 from the cold wind, faintly intertwined into a vague shadow, the shadow was torn apart from the inside, revealing the pale skin after many years of death, as well as hollow eyes.

The musician in white clothes stepped out of the shadows, wearing a crown of crystals, exuding cold etheric waves, entangled around Christine like a snake.

The lost souls of the musicians never ascended to the great source, but returned from the dead emptines