lass of golden cider, and added some crushed ice, and poured myself For a drink, the two of us sat on the sofa in the lounge area, resting and drinking.

Scholar Yerkes seemed to remember something, 西安耍耍网 slapped his forehead vigorously, and asked me: “Eve was still asking me about your wedding this morning? If we didn’t read it in the newspaper, I’m afraid I don’t know that your kid has been married quietly. The bride is really the prospective princess Qige in the Academy of Magic?”

I took a sip of wine and said, “Yes, there is another Princess Yingli, James The daughter of the prince’s prince.”

“Are 西安夜生活网 you crazy? Marrying two girls of this size in one night, do you choose to have an unmanned wedding in the evening if their family disagrees? One is James The daughter of the Prince of Wales, a close lover of the Prince of Wales, you are really brave enough.” The Yerkes Scholar said, clutching his hair with a sad expression.

Then he said: “The guy Bruce had told me that you had an affair with the Chigg Scholar 西安夜网论坛 of the Magic Pharmacy Department. I didn’t believe it at the time, saying that no matter how courage you are, it is impossible to dig the corner of the Welsh boy. It turned out to be true, and then there was more than that. You actually married a princess from the Royal Angel Boulder quietly.”

I sat on the sofa opposite him, smiling happily, no Too much explanation

138. Secrets on the Warhammer 西安夜生活论坛 Before

leaving the house, the Yerkes scholar still sighed and said, it is better to give me the Fury of the Earth suit later, in that case at least one wedding gift can be saved.

Scholar Yerkes left the Institute of Magic with a sense of drunkenness. Before leaving, he invited me to have a drink in the tavern. I pointed to Qige’s laboratory and told him that I was going to Qige. Looking at Grid’s laboratory, the Yerkes scholar smiled, and stopped inviting him.

When he walked down the steps, he stopped for a moment, then turned around and fumbled in his arms, took out a book bound with magic pa