gained his usual self-confidence, and walked to the street with a smile. Turn to the left and go down the stairs quickly. It

is a steep and long ladder connecting several layers of roads.

Near Fang Street, Soest suddenly opened his eyes and said to Leonard and Daly Simone:

Just now There is also a person in Ulika’s family called Enzo. He is a member of the Rose School. The sequence is not low, and the position should be more important.

You should search around as soon as possible to see if you can find a trace, and strive to be able to capture successfully without leaving any problems. .

As for the other red gloves and assist local nightwatchman who either catch the spirit of the rest of the Mission staff, or have been captured in the dream, hoping to get first-hand information the first time, the rest of the alert is responsible for several accidents, protection Companion.

Yes, Captain Soest Leonard agreed without hesitation.


Dai Li grabbed it in the wind, put her hand to her ear, and listened for two or three seconds:

The little guys nearby told me that someone did escape from the cliff.

Chapter 102 Good luck

catches you After the

invisible silk thread stretched forward with Pannadia’s words, it quickly entangled Gehrman Sparrow’s body, as if to tie him into a cocoon.

At this moment, wearing a black priesthood The silhouette of the personnel’s robe suddenly thinned and shrunk, turning into a paper man covered with rust.

Klein’s silhouette then appeared outside the gray mill, towards the depths of the town, and ran away.

He had seen the real body of the Eternal Blazing Sun. Those who can survive naturally have a certain ability to resist the spiritual impact and out-of-control tendency brought by the 西安桑拿网 mythological creature form.Moreover, Panadia is not a complete mythical creature, so, even without the help of the gray mist power, Klein also quickly got rid of the state where his thoughts were bursting and unable to use his brain.While suppressing the abnormal changes in hi