akes up and finds that you have sacrificed, he will probably no longer be under the control of the Legion. Then we will lose all at the same time. With him and you, this loss will make the colonel urinate.”

Several other soldiers fired back and laughed strangely. They all said that Nick was right. The colonel is too old and probably can’t stand this kind of stimulation. The super soldier is the lifeblood of SSR. If you 西安耍耍网lose it, it will be more than blood in urine. , Is to spurt blood.

Peggy Carter fired into the dark tunnel behind, and then immediately hid behind the pillars of the sewer. Then a bunch of bullets hit like a tide, and the gun flame she fired also exposed the location.

The bullet lifted the rotten surface of the bunker brick, and a bad luck French guerrilla fell in front of her.

“Your desire 西安夜生活网 to control is too strong. Steve is not a weapon, but a human being. He has his own judgment. He will do the right thing. Even if I die, he will continue to fight.”

“Maybe, but now Let the Roaring Commando and I control the scene, you take the French and Steve to retreat!”

Nick Fury threw Steve to Carter, picked up the submachine gun in the hands of the corpse on the ground, and joined the blockade.新西安夜网

Calculating gains and losses and stopping losses in time is the foundation of the agents.

The only American super soldier and his beloved female agent, coupled with the allies of the Paris subterranean assault team, are more valuable than himself and the roaring commando team. Such a simple question no longer needs to be calculated. Can draw conclusions.

Agent Fury, now has to perform his last mission, 西安夜网论坛 and fight for at least three minutes with the guys.

Chapter 264 The trajectory of the SSR was

just as they were talking. The German army approached silently. They also brought the kind of weird dogs that can run wild on the walls like insects. At this time, these dogs are dragging their chains. They ran.

The sound of iron chains reverberates in the sewer, and dogs that can’t bark are