He began to examine whether there were abnormal and parasitic thoughts in his mind.

After a strict discrimination, Klein initially confirmed that there was no problem with his spiritual world. In

other words, even if Amon still stayed for a while The worm was in his body and was a superficial parasitic, unable to monitor his thoughts. After

finding such a safe zone, Klein 西安夜网论坛 was finally able to let go of the thoughts suppressed by the restraints, analyze the current experience, and consider subsequent self-help:

Amon is The’God of Mischief’ is also the’God of Deception’. When he plays this game, he can never really want to do it simply for pleasure.He can wait until he rendezvous with the main body, stealing my destiny, and getting the’source castle’ Try again, that way, even if there is an accident, his main purpose will be achieved, and nothing will be lost. What purpose does

he hide in this matter? If you can grasp the key, you may find real life.

Also, after

he uttered the mantra of the’transfer ritual’ in Chinese, he was indifferent to this special language and did not ask questions. This was completely inconsistent with his curiosity, uh, he later said the word’西安夜生活第一论坛网bug’. , Is it deliberately, to test what I will think of,

but, he did not steal my thoughts, no, if the whole idea that has nothing to do with the front and the back is stolen, then I can’t find it the

Klein recalled a moment when the situation according to their own logic to confirm the link between the before and after that time the idea did not take the idea was stolen.

and that makes him the reverse is certainly one thing.

that is, the deeper the parasitic state, Amon You can directly monitor his thoughts without stealing!

Amon acted like he must be aware of harmful thoughts before he can manipulate it, which is a fraud!

I just said that the deep-level’parasitism’ I experienced before seems a bit different from what Pales described.

According to this inference, all my inner thoughts along the way should