ccording to the cleaning that night, they should be dead. The

priest was silent, and he walked away firmly and quickly.

Of course he knew what the followers were suspicious, and he was therefore more vigilant and anxious. There were more monsters hidden in this old 新西安夜网 soul than they expected.

priest did not dare to recall those, he was not even sure of his guess. Once that guess was true and was targeted by that kind of monster, perhaps no one in the crowd could escape this underground, he could only deceive I speeded up my pace. But

suddenly a strange sound rang from behind

them . They stopped . The tunnel dug by the rat is not far from the rat nest. Here they can see the things on the high platform. It was the shooting that took place there.

Immediately after a pale sword was inserted into the ground from the edge, the man climbed up from under the cliff with the blade.

He failed to fall into the reservoir, and when he fell, Under the witness of the intelligence agent and Camu, Lorenzo inserted the sword into the wall, and with the help of powerful strength, he steadied himself and rose again.

Lorenzo looked at the tunnel, in the darkness. People showed fearful expressions.

Demon hunter?

The priest whispered suspiciously. He had also witnessed the core power of the church. Of course, he knew that this extraordinary physique would only appear on those monsters, but he did not expect that these monsters are still 西安夜生活第一论坛网 alive and appear in Old Dunling. But what

followed was a slight joy. Sure enough, they were right. Whether Lorenzo was a demon hunter or not, this kind of extraordinary power must have appeared in the old Dunling. They did not engage in it. Wrong direction to search.

The time has come for the believers to dedicate themselves. The

priest retreats slightly, his gaze is like a blade, and he clenches his pistol while looking at the followers around him.

Since the new pope took office, he has been developing a big picture of the gospel church. All opponents were purged, a