erfly has actually come to the end of its life, but Luo Qiu knows that it has just broken out of its cocoon and became a butterfly a few days ago.

And it should have survived 新西安夜网 for three weeks.

Boss Luo sat down on the spot. It was a new bud and old leaves. The layers were distinct. Luo Qiu with some old trees sitting here was like other students scattered on the lawn of the campus courtyard. There was no difference.

He just lifted the butterfly in his palm and looked at it quietly.

After a while, the maid lady slowly came to him and the tacit understanding was deep enough that they already knew 西安夜生活网 a lot without explaining anything.

He knew that Youye had already handled the school and even the club affairs. She was always so efficient.

“What happened to this butterfly?” The maid asked curiously.

“I met death.” Luo Qiu raised his head, and at the same time held up the butterfly in his palm, “in advance.” The

maid folded her hands and carefully took the butterfly’s body from her master’s palm, “Master Do you like it, I made it into a specimen?”

“Buried it.” Boss Luo shook his head. He has no interest in collecting biological specimens even though the butterfly looks so beautiful.

It is actually too fragile, both inside and out. Although it is a beautiful thing that people recognize as a beautiful butterfly, in the black and white vision of Boss Luo, you can only see this appearance. 新西安夜网 A beautiful shell, but nothing is loaded.

Perhaps something will be born in the shell in the future, but it has already died. Under normal circumstances, there will naturally be no future possibilities.

The lady maid thought for a while, and buried the butterfly directly under the old tree.

Luo Qiu suddenly said: “It should be born from here.” In

this way, a reincarnation was completed.

After burying the butterfly, Boss Luo naturally took a walk with the maid and took a walk in this ancient campus before they could officially attend class tomorrow.

However, according to the procedure, Boss Luo sho