terested, please ask the rest of you.)

All in all, aside from political and national games, just from the perspective of financial benefits, all things 西安夜生活网 like buying and selling short stocks are all weak. The simplest and rude way to make profits is only one, large-scale borrowing of rubles, and Lu will get it. The arrangement is replaced with any currency that is not the Soviet currency system, such as the U.S. dollar or the Golden Galleon.

Then? Then there is nothing to do, just a leisurely cup of black tea at Hogwarts, waiting for the complete collapse of the ruble, Then convert the U.S. dollars or gold gallons in your hands into rubles, and you can make thousands of times of income by paying off the debt.

(For a simple example, the reader fathers borrowed 11,700 rubles at this time, which is equivalent to 6,500 U.S. dollars. The crash hit $1: At 6,500 rubles, you only need to spend up to $3 to pay off all debts, including interest.)

Elena stroked the back of her bright and white left hand thoughtfully, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 just like As Dumbledore said, as long as there is no intention to inspire, there is no trace of any unbreakable vows.

If you want to continue a school forever, the two most important points are people and money. In terms of personnel, as long as the human society is still there, there will never be a shortage 新西安夜网 of students. In terms of funds, she seems to have found a way, at least once and for all in her lifetime.

All this needs to be solved, and the vows she bears are only left. The next two are here. She doesn’t want to carry on with a huge school-continuation mission in her long life. The

only problem is that

Elena glanced at the one standing behind her, looking curiously The old wizard who listens to her questions will have to wait at least until Dumbledore is away.

“Anyway, please help me quickly convert these pocket money into gold gallons. Time is money, my friend. We still have There are 西安桑拿网 many important things to do later.”

Elena took out a stack of pounds from her pouch an