way is to call Heimdall and relocate through his abilities.

Loki knew that after the death knell had dealt with Hela, he would inevitably come after him, so he 新西安夜网 set a trap.

But Su Ming considered Loki’s thoughts, and at the same time planned to make this happen.

Maybe Loki thought that the death knell would see him through, so this conversation was probably in Loki’s plan, but Su Ming considered the opposite of Loki’s thinking, that is, the tragic fact that he wants to change but cannot be changed.

Then just expose his lies and open the skylight to speak brightly. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

“I thought you would not think about this in the incarnation of two people.” Rocky touched his chin and expressed his incomprehension very calmly.

Su Ming walked to his side, sat down gently, and hooked Loki’s shoulders casually to confirm that this was the real body and prevent him from escaping.

“Even a large group of guys like that exist. The number of heads is not equal to the number of personalities. You know that.”

“Your strength is not as good as Odin. Although I know you are likely to see through, but I didn’t expect you to really dare Try it out.” At

this point, Su Ming shook his head: “Your Odin’s acting skills are average, and the aura is too strong. I have seen many existences stronger than Odin, but their aura is not as good as Odin. The contradiction is obvious, besides, even if 西安桑拿网 it is real Odin, he also has weaknesses.”

“You told me this, are you planning to kill me?” Rocky tilted his head and smiled on his face. Neat and white teeth.

Su Ming took out the cigarette and lighted the fire: “I won’t kill you, the story is still useful, so you don’t need to ask everything as if you are going to die. Sometimes it’s good to be confused.”

“Like him. ”

Loki pointed to Wade who was still talking to the sky. No matter how he looked at it, he seemed to be a 西安夜生活论坛 manifestation of low intelligence, especially when he recalled that Deadpool shyly showed him a side of his ass, Loki really couldn’t bear it. Moved his hand.