Practical Defense Magic and Its Restraint to Dark Magic” and tried some spell inside, but no one taught in the circumstances, exercise alone and sometimes really have some difficulty, but, then put the book Albert hiding, they made no chance to read through.

Chapter 296 changes

in the access For the next few days, Albert had been secretly observing Professor Smith.

Originally, the 西安夜生活论坛 Buffy Brain Rejuvenation agent that he planned to try to configure was completely thrown behind his head. The practice of getting the patron saint to speak has never stopped, but there is no substantial result. Distracted 西安夜生活网 spells made the patron saint weak. If it hadn’t been for the gradual increase in the skill experience of the patron saint curse, Albert would even doubt whether Aberforth was playing tricks on himself.

Perhaps, someday he could be distracted and summon the patron saint, I guess he wouldn’t have to worry about being deprived. The curse failed because of the influence.

“What’s the matter. By the way, your recent progress has been very fast.” The

curse club party had just ended, and Albert was stopped by Katrina, and the two walked side by side. On the promenade, Albert saw that Katrina hadn’t spoken, so he casually found a topic.

“I’ll find time every week to go to Professor Smith to learn magic skills.”

“Professor Smith is indeed very talented in teaching. Unfortunately, he I will resign soon.”

Albert said hello to his acquaintances passing by, and continued to ask: “By the way, when did your relationship become so good!”

“Don’t you often go to Professor Smith for afternoon tea? “Katrina is a bit dissatisfied with Albert’s statement. How come it sounds like only you can go, I can’t go.

“Well, because there are common topics!”

Albert went to the professor for afternoon tea, indeed It is because there are common topics in some aspects, and the two parties can talk for a long time, which is somewhat similar to the nature of academic exchanges.

Catrina understood Albert’s meaning