But that was not where they were going. Ivan just took a few more glances, then turned his head, and stopped at the Pataki Cauldron.

“If you want the crucible, I have it there, and you don’t need to buy another one.” Doug said with a smashed mouth.

Ivan ignored him and walked straight in, Doug sighed and only followed.

Because it was not time for the little wizards to start school, there were not many customers in the cauldron shop. The manager Patitch tried hard to sell them the pure gold cauldron from the recent fire, but Ivan refused without hesitation.

“The pewter crucible will do. Give me 西安夜生活论坛 three…no, five!” Ivan put the money in the pocket of the wizard robe and put it on the counter, using the sealing fee that Doug had previously given him.

“Five… five cauldrons?” Store Manager Patitch was also taken aback. It was the first time he saw a little wizard buy so many cauldrons, and then turned his head and glanced at Dougt. He thought it was mostly It’s just that the child is playing around.

“What 新西安夜网 do you buy so many crucibles for?” Dougt was also strange.

“Of course it’s to make the medicine faster.” Ivan glanced at him obliquely, picked a few crucibles in the shop, and after paying, he left here straightaway, and went to the herbal shop not far away. After purchasing, there was not much left after giving the dozen gold Jialongs to the flower.

Dougert was still painstakingly persuading, trying 西安桑拿网 to dispel Ivan’s idea of ??using five cauldrons to boil medicine at the same time.

“Making potions is a delicate task, and you can’t be distracted at all. I can use my years of experience to tell you that potions made from multiple crucibles are doomed to fail…”

Ivan Lidu Ignoring him, after returning home all the way, I could not wait to enter the work area in the basement and found an empty place to 西安夜网论坛 start preparations.

Dougt gritted his teeth helplessly, and decided that if there was something wrong with the potion that Ivan made, he would personally get a batch of potions