l directions. Wherever they passed, around Avalon, the silent melody of more than twenty satellite islands burst out.

In normal times, some of them are temporary ports, some are settlements, some are commercial docks, and some are forbidden military areas. After entering the wartime state, everything was evacuated and turned into a bare and dead desert island.

But now, they sounded a mighty bell, responding to the call from Avalon.

In the echo of the bell, countless trees that had grown for many years were destroyed out of thin air, the heavy rocks fell apart and shattered, and a large amount of earth and rocks were shaken off by the islands in the shaking.

The road broke and disappeared.

The building collapsed and fell apart.

The port was turbulent and sank into the sea.

In the end, a horrible glow lit up from above the island.

The ground veins buried in the deep sea were activated, and countless 西安夜生活第一论坛网 ethers flooded in, and were greedily swallowed by the awakened monsters, dripping out.

A huge amount of soil and petrified into the sea made a large area of ??the sea muddy, dust and ashes rose into the sky, and was blown away by the hurricane, revealing the true face of chaos.

Of the 24 satellite islands, ten have disappeared.

Instead, there are ten blazing sun rays!

For hundreds 西安耍耍网 of years, the alchemy matrix sleeping in the deepest part of the island has been awakened, absorbing the huge torrent of ether supplied by Anglo’s national power, playing exciting movements, and manifesting itself.

That is a warship!

Every warship exuding horrible ether fluctuations!

Not like modern products, but like antiques kept in a museum. They even carry old-style sails. The weapons they carry are nothing but crossbows and whale cannons that have long been eliminated, but at this moment, Ah Everyone in Walloon couldn’t help but utter cheers and screams.

They are the history of Anglo, the past of Anglo, the great achievements inscribed in history, the indelible glory of this country!