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first Chapter 393 Dumbledore: I’m too difficult~


, Kukuku~ At this moment, Hermione Granger heard a strange sound coming from her side.

Turned her head and took a look. It was discovered that it was caused by a certain culprit, and I saw that the white-haired dumpling was 新西安夜网 biting his sleeve hard at the corner of his mouth, and was desperately squeezing a smile.His eyes were narrowed with joy, and his smile trembled.

If Elena remembers correctly, even in the original book, facing the weird and open-minded Luna Lovegood, Hermione rarely asks for a bargain, let alone her. Now we are facing two players who rely on intuition.

Obviously, 西安夜网论坛 for Elena, it is really interesting to see Hermione who has no choice but to compromise.


Hermione Raising her eyebrows, she naturally knows what this guy is laughing at!

Want to be a big sister? Humph, in that case, don’t blame her for not thinking about the plastic friendship between her girlfriends.

“By the way, I just know that Elena’s birthday is September 25th?”

Hermione paused when she said 西安耍耍网 that, and glanced at a certain white fur who was watching the excitement. Tuanzi.

“I remember, some people seemed to say that they were only eleven years old this year. Although I don’t know how you got the notice, but with that said, our first-year eldest sister is only now”

“Ahem Cough, this topic

ends here.” Elena was anxious, picked up a grilled 西安夜生活网 sausage and stuffed it into Hermione’s mouth, and blocked the words behind the girl directly in her throat. She coughed slightly, her face straightened. Quickly said to Hannah and Hermione.

“Speaking of which, we will have to discuss the new version of “The Contrary” in a while. Although we have talked a little with Luna before, but it is only a general direction. Not surprisingly, the four of us will be responsible for one or two content sections of 西安夜生活论坛 this magazine in the future. In other words, one of the chief editors.”

“In charge of