Bernd waved his hand casually to signal that the indigenous children could leave, so these indigenous children ran away like a swarm.

Before long, something unexpected and surprised by Bernd happened.

The aboriginal children who went away 西安夜生活第一论坛网 were carrying some fruits and ran over with some berries in their pockets, and placed these fresh fruits on a huge banana leaf in front of Bernd.

Ever since, a trade between spider leg meat and fruit quietly unfolded in the glade.

The indigenous children found that Bernd seemed to like these fruits.

After tasting several fruits, Bernd happily gave them a whole spider leg.

These indigenous 新西安夜网 children began to mobilize other indigenous children in the tribe to join in this trading activity. One after another, indigenous children began to collect delicious fruits from the dense forest and sent them to the tents in the clearing.

For this reason, Bernd deliberately took four barbarian slaves out of the native village, found a giant spider as a sentry post in the dense forest, and tied the giant spider like a zongzi, and used some tree vines to tie it up. The giant spider was dragged back to the tribe, and the barbarians set the giant spider directly onto the campfire to burn.

The giant spider that hadn’t completely died trembling violently, and accompanied by a loud rubbing sound, its mouthparts squeaked and screamed.

These sounds just felt irritating, and the barbarian slave no longer gave the giant 西安夜生活网 spider a chance to make a sound, and directly stabbed the giant spider to death with a black iron spear, and then began to concentrate on roasting the entire giant spider.

For barbarian slaves, the fruits they had eaten the most in their life were golden apples and pears.

On the icy and snowy tundra in winter, as long as you find an Qiuzi tree, you can find Qiuzi pears that are as black as horse dung eggs under the tree and you can find Qiuzi pears that are as black as horse dung eggs. These are frozen. Hard Qiuzi pear is a delicacy that barba