sterious Eastern monk?”

“Never step on the land of China” The deep voice sounded again, “Do you want the true dragon of China to come here and blow up your territory?” The

old man slowly closed his eyes, as if Recalling something, it took a long time before he sighed: “Back then, if I was willing enough, Huiyao would not be able to suppress most of the 西安夜生活论坛 opposition, and the coalition forces would not succeed in the crusade. If they were still there,

maybe . ” It’s still there, but you can’t find it.” The voice sounded again.

“”The old man shook his head, his eyes blurred. He looked at the screen on the screen, almost supervising all the important places of the Black Order, important people. “Could it be that God gave me such a powerful force, but in the end it was just Make my body unbearable and die in a vain way?”

“Maybe there is another way.” The voice sounded again.

“What way?!” The

old man suddenly widened his eyes, as if he had grasped the last life-saving grass, a powerful force he called a mental superpower. At this time, the whole room was flooded, and all the instruments and furnishings were installed in an instant. Even the floor was 西安桑拿网 shattered!

“I received the information that the rebellious Ramias took the initiative to contact us this time.”

The voice was not affected by the old man’s powerful mental powers, and the voice did not even make waves, “According to the parrot. From the last fragment of the Conch, it seems that Father Stella, whom we originally planned to capture, has even exceeded the level of our assessment. If it is Pride, there may be a way to help you use Stella as the material. Train into a body that can match your mental powers.”

“Even if Stella is strong, he is still just a human.” The

old man was like a frustrated balloon in an instant, “I have tried all the methods of strengthening my body. It was once strong enough to resist missile explosions, but it is still not enough.”

“What if Stella’s body 新西安夜网 is added to the piercing father’s body?” the voi