Month: March 2021


s right foot. Gao Zheng used the outer instep of his right foot to gently rub the football behind him. The football rolled past Marcy and if he didn’t move just now. , The ball should just fall to his feet Before receiving the ball, Gao Zheng glanced back and confirmed the situation behind him. […]

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从阿雷西博到中国天眼 上海科普大讲坛第160讲

ter City is indeed getting stronger! If this continues, Manchester City will become a force that cannot be ignored in English football, and maybe they can still watch the league champions! In the first half of the game, relying on this glorious goal, Manchester City took the lead. In the second half, the two sides […]

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广东化州:踏军旅征程 铸热血青春

as obviously too late. The football flew into the goal against the edge of the post! “WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!” Silio exclaimed. “Gao! What did I see! What did I see!? High! He turned and volleyed from outside the penalty area! The football went straight to the dead end! World wave! World wave! Undoubted world wave!” In Silio’s […]

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t Europe. It is not once or twice that they have been punished by the Italian Football Association and UEFA because of the problems of their home fans. Sure enough, as if he had received instructions from the orchestra conductor, The whole San Siro burst into cheers after the match. At the 70th minute of […]

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hip because of. After taking the stage, Rongguang bowed his head and asked Platini to give him a gold medal. After hanging the gold medal, Platini stretched out his hand to him: “Congratulations, 西安足浴spa Rong. Your performance can be recorded in history.” Rong Guang smiled: “Thank you!” Then Kahn came to the stage and accepted […]

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n backcourt. Now I don’t know whether Zhang Jun will be on the top or not, so he can’t determine the lineup tactics. Qiu Suhui was also worried about Zhang Jun’s failure to make it. As the game time approached, Zhang Jun only had a fever. Now his head is still dizzy. The team doctor […]

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rn Conference. But in fact, the Heat and Kai The difference in the overall strength of the Ert people is far greater than people think. Especially the main framework of this Celtics, under the premise that it hasn’t changed much in the past few years, they cooperate with them with tacit understanding and strict discipline, […]

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